On Where You Should Be Right Now

April 5, 2010

Let me preface this event posting by giving a bit of my background with this organization. Dodekapus is an art collective in Atlanta that came to Freeside in its infancy asking for any help we could provide. They have done much of the hard work for this event in our space, and have since decked our space out with some superb artwork. They have since continued to grow exponentially in members and fans and are doing a wonderful job of creating something wonderful. If you stand for artistic expression in any form (as I do, obviously) you need to be at this event.

This Friday at 8pm is the accumulation of many months of hard work on the part of these members, and what I believe to be the beginning of something wonderful in Atlanta. When I moved here almost two years ago I was thoroughly disappointed in the lack of organization of creativity in this city (or what I thought then, the lack of creativity, period). Between Freeside and Dodekapus, something is beginning to change in this city. We are finally uniting, above-ground if you will.

This will be an event lasting into the early hours of the morning, so prepare to be there for a while, admire all of their hard work, and revel in what Atlanta is becoming.

More information on Dodekapus happenings here, and for other Facebook stalkers, there is an event page.

Hope to see you Atlanta folks there!


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