Attention Dallas Creatives

August 26, 2010

Though my time as PR Director with the amazing FreesideAtlanta is over, that doesn’t mean my passion and dedication for the message portrayed is any less. I’ve been in Dallas for two months now, and almost immediately I was struck at the segregation between the arts and technology. Dallas is a hub for both, with the Dallas Arts District being full of incredible work, and the constant funding from Texas Instruments. That being said, I’ve yet to see the two worlds intermingle here. Thus, the Dallas Collaborative (name t.b.d) was born. As our mission explains:

Dallas Collaborative is a non-profit group dedicated to community collaboration and the creation of intersections between the arts, sciences, and technology. We are in the process of finding a physical space to support our infrastructure of passionate members in their artistic development and experimentation. It seeks to blur the definition of “art” in a modern age by encouraging participation between the traditional “arts” and technology. Furthermore, the organization gives back to the Dallas community by providing a number of events, workshops, classes, and site-specific gallery shows.

You will hear me discussing this a lot in the next upcoming months as I iron out details. Once we get a more concrete name and logo, I’ll be asking for participation and support from anyone who is willing to give it. We’re looking for members, donations and ultimately a space for members to use in Deep Ellum. For more clarity for those who are not familiar at all with this movement as a whole, I’ll be doing some spotlights on the hackerspace/makerspace movement that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

Look out, Dallas.


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