Creating Conceptually for Blogs

October 12, 2010

This is a capture of my ideas so far, thanks to Please don’t steal this for your own use.

With all my ranting and raving about open source education, an interesting concept struck me. In another one of my debates with myself of the worth of an university education for someone who believes in completely redefining educational values, I finally came to the conclusion that I would stay. Like so many others, while I know I could do okay without the degree, in a failing economy I don’t want to be unable to find a job in an emergency because I don’t have that piece of paper.

I also began thinking about how many smart, bright, young people are in unusual educational situations, whether of their own choosing or circumstance. I have friends that have recently graduated and regretted going through college so fast, those who work full time while going to school, who’ve dropped out and done wonderful things, and others who dropped out and didn’t do so well. Those who traveled, who changed their major 12 times, who transferred from a private, expensive school to community college. These people have chosen to adapt a disorganized school system to fit their needs, whatever they may be.

When I first heard about life hacking site Hack College, I thought it was about ways to adapt the university system to get what you want out of it. While I am an avid reader of the blog, I was disappointed to find out how little there was on the subject. Most books, even, are for the entering freshman, and are more about being an adult and how to study for tests than how to make decisions about what you want out of college, to inspire people that they can do more, and to reassure them that other people are as frustrated as them.

So here’s my next project. In a changing horizon of experts and amateurs, let’s give students the opportunity to test the boundaries of the American educational system to see how much they can, or can’t do. Let’s mind hack the universities to give students a less black and white view of what “getting a degree” means, why you don’t have to go by the book and find out why most universities won’t let change happen.


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