On Relocation

August 26, 2010

As some of you may or may not know, my life has taken an interesting turn of events. I am no longer located in Atlanta, nor am I attending school there anymore. Constantly frustrated by tuition hikes, the technology gap, poor job market and the constant tingling sensation that I was learning little, if at all, made me rethink if I was actually getting towards my goals. So I made a drastic turn to better embrace my curiosity about technological advancement and media, and acknowledged a smaller pocketbook. I packed up my bitty two-door Ford with all my worldly possessions (a.k.a my library), resigned as PR Director for Freeside, said goodbye to the life I’d built and came to Dallas Texas (in the heat of summer).

That being said, expect some musings on the building and rebuilding of life sometime in the future.

I am now finishing my studies at University of Texas at Dallas in Emerging Media and Communications. I’ll be doing at least another year, but I do believe that I’ll have a lot more to offer the world when I’m done.

Other projects at the moment include starting a non-profit arts and technology collective along the grain of Freeside Atlanta, trying to get published more, and working a much better (and better paying) technology related job than working IT at Agnes Scott College.

Thus, I expect some changes to the tone of this blog, perhaps shifting to achievement attempts and experiments rather than just philosophical musings. Expect more content on emerging media. Expect more stark reviews, a la “On the Grave of Dollhouse”.

Similarly, I now have a sister blog focused more on technological advancements and my obsession with social media, deemed Media Circus. They may merge again at some point, but that is to be determined at a later time.

Hope you enjoy the new direction!

Photo of Dallas Texas from Flickr user Schlüsselbein2007. Used under Creative Commons License.


On Current Plans.

January 15, 2010

While I would love to fake that my whole life is surrounded by creative endeavors, at some point (particularly in the beginning of the semester) I have to remind myself otherwise.

My class schedule is a little out of whack currently, but given a week that will change. The development of my Media Communications major is well on it’s way to being handed in on Tuesday for approval, as well as hopefully my study abroad approval for my last semester.

I have a very thankful jump-start to this sluggish, overwhelmed feeling I tend to get on the first week of classes here, where I feel suddenly both overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. Rather that going to hide under a rock with my pen, notebook and knitting needles, I was alerted to a grand surprise phone call from Cartoon Network this morning, with the offer to come in on Tuesday to speak more about internships and industry.

Thus, I don’t particularly mind that my class schedule is out of whack. Whether anything comes of this (which I certainly pray that it does), it has given me that grounding in the real world that is so easily forgotten on this college campus.

So many thanks to Cartoon Network. I’ll be watching some Robot Chicken now.