On Current Plans.

January 15, 2010

While I would love to fake that my whole life is surrounded by creative endeavors, at some point (particularly in the beginning of the semester) I have to remind myself otherwise.

My class schedule is a little out of whack currently, but given a week that will change. The development of my Media Communications major is well on it’s way to being handed in on Tuesday for approval, as well as hopefully my study abroad approval for my last semester.

I have a very thankful jump-start to this sluggish, overwhelmed feeling I tend to get on the first week of classes here, where I feel suddenly both overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. Rather that going to hide under a rock with my pen, notebook and knitting needles, I was alerted to a grand surprise phone call from Cartoon Network this morning, with the offer to come in on Tuesday to speak more about internships and industry.

Thus, I don’t particularly mind that my class schedule is out of whack. Whether anything comes of this (which I certainly pray that it does), it has given me that grounding in the real world that is so easily forgotten on this college campus.

So many thanks to Cartoon Network. I’ll be watching some Robot Chicken now.